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Legalize gambling . Make casino gaming online legal. New technologies have emerged that may finally lead to casino gambling reform.

There are presently 17 USstates that have now chosen to legalize gambling. They have more than 450 casinos operating within those states. More importantly, they bring in 72 billion dollars a year to enrich state coffers. These billions of dollars reduce the burden of taxation from backs of property and business owners, while states get extra money for road repair, maintaining schools and many other things that a state seems to always need money to fix and maintain.

In the past few years, there have also been a large number of Indian casinos given licenses in states that have not legalized gambling, which means the only legitimate place to gamble in those USstates is in Indian operated casinos. They do not pay taxes on revenues gained through lost wagers. If there is one thing politicians do well, it is keeping their eyes on missed revenues. Many states are now waking up, realizing that legal betting can be a very profitable business, and they are not getting their "fair share". Not only are the other 35 USstates not getting any wagering income, but they are also missing out on the creation of thousands of new jobs for each new facility that does not open.

Another reason so many state governments are now pushing to legalize wagering in an attempt to wipe out illegal gaming. Many people feel that if gaming is legalized there is no reason for people to go to dangerous back room casinos run by shady characters employing sleazy practices. These sleaze dens are becoming harder for police to find, and as soon as they are discovered, they either pack up and change locations, or another will open in its place in a nearby locale.

Another bad thing about illegal operators is that no one monitors them to make sure they are not cheating players. In many instances, police have raided unlicensed operations and found that all table and card games were rigged for the House to win. Legalized gaming is monitored to make sure both player and house are playing an honest game.

Do not entertain the thought that betting has no downside. A lot of money goes to treatment for people without boundaries, or limits when it comes to wagering. They develop addictions, and most cities with casinos, do usually see a rise in crime. In those locations, more police officers are not just a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Legalized betting not only brings in more money to the government, but also adds money into the community. Gamblers will use services such as hotels, restaurants and other local attractions while in an area. This brings a major boost to a small struggling economy separate and apart from everything else.

Microsoft Surface is likely to change everything. Much like iPad, playing casino games on Microsoft Surface will most likely be simple. Buzz and chatter created by new devices will help popularity of this brand spanking new gadget, and as demand grows, so will the amount of Apps being released, or websites created specifically for Surface tablet users. Of course no one can speak for technology, but the fact that there are tons of websites that already allow for software to be downloaded for use on iPads brings us to a logical conclusion. It is a safe bet that online casino games for Microsoft Surface tablet will be just as widely available in very near future.

Where does this fit in for online gamblers? Surface chatter will have to be very strong indeed, in order for anyone to actually want to create an App for this device. It could begin a new wave that finally brings legalized betting to all 50 USstates in USA. Do not bet against it.

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